2020 challenging for wedding flowers

“2020 has been a challenging year to sell white roses. For the reds, however, it probably was the best year ever.”

Arie van Berg, Berg Roses

Publication date: Tue 12 Jan 2021
Author: Elita Vellekoop
© FloralDaily.com

Berg Roses, growers in the Netherlands, Kenya and China, found 2020 to be a most challenging year. Half of the 16 ha greenhouse was planted in white roses, Avalanche+®, often used in large weddings and other significant celebrations. The roses grown in their greenhouse in the Netherlands are shipped to florists all over Europe and the UK. The lockdown, very few weddings in 2020 took place and the demand dropped significantly. With the challenges of 2020 – Berg acted “Last year, we’ve significantly felt the impact in March, April and December.” Ari reports that for this reason the company felt it was the right time to ‘renew’ their assortment and replace some of the older crops. “We’ve decided to replace the old plants with new plants and we’ve upgraded our assortment. Currently, one third of the greenhouse exists of Avalance, 15% of red and the rest of other colors. With this strong assortment, we have high hopes for 2021.”

photo – bergroses.com

Berg Roses in Delfgauw is a true family business that has been breeding plants since 1900, with a fourth generation, Arie van den Berg currently heading the company with the experience and know-how passed down becoming a grower that produces 50 million roses in 10 different varieties, including the Avalanche in 5 colors. Since January 2004, Van den Berg has also been active abroad. The company opened a production facility along the Naivasha lake in Kenya. In 2007, they opened another facility, in partnership with Nix Pannekeet, in China.

Van den Berg Roses
2020 a good year for reds

Although 2020 may have been not so great for white it was a red letter year for red roses and other colors. “The amounts that came out of South America and Africa were fluctuating and had a lot of influence on the price. Also the costs of the air freight increased significantly and had, in turn, an influence on the amounts.

Also at their farm in Kenya Berg Roses had to deal with the increased air freight prices. “They are still 20% higher compared to the prices pre-lockdown.” However, all in all, they have had an OK year as they only ship their roses to supermarkets. “They continued ordering flowers.”

Greenhouse in China (Kunming)

Also in China, the year ended well for Berg RoseS. “We have had very challenging times till May 1st but afterwards, everything picked up again and we’ve sold as forecasted. Now, however, we need to see how things will move on, regarding the current development of COVID-19 in the country. “

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Publication date: Tue 12 Jan 2021

“2020 has been a challenging year to sell white roses”
Author: Elita Vellekoop
© FloralDaily.com

Berg RoseS
Zuideindseweg 25b
2645 BD Delfgauw
The Netherlands

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