nature has no borders

Recognizing this connectivity and the historic opportunities to partner and coordinate our efforts in conservation and preservation across borders, is being played out between the scientific and environmental communities throughout the world. It is a complex question – these political borders that separate us as people – but perhaps we can start tearing down the fear they create by first working to preserve nature and the environment together.

rewilding: benefits of awe

Has your lifestyle changed in this past year? For many it has. Indoors and tethered to technology, has been a lifeline in the Pandemic, and for some of us, a discovery into new and exciting ways of connecting and communicating.

master the garden

Plant buds are undeveloped or embryonic shoots that arise on the tip of a stem or in the axil of a leaf. Composed of meristem tissue and containing undifferentiated cells, from which different plant structures develop and grow, and fueled by the rapid cell division when conditions are right they are formed in late summer/early fall and remain small and delicate and in most temperate-zone trees and shrubs.

id your tree: acer griseum

It’s easy to love acers; stunning fall color – soft lacey leaves that grace our gardens and provide interest and shade, and the Acer griseum, commonly known as the Paperbark Maple, admired for the bark, is a perfect selection for many garden styles.


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pip post

A passion and appreciation for the plant world, wildlife, and nature collects like minded individuals who have a desire to share the information and knowledge obtained through study, work and pursuit of these interests with others. The plants in power posts is a collection of information for this purpose. Topics of interest to the garden and gardener, would require the ordinary ‘blogger’ to hunt information from multiple sources, and study a number of disciplines – which is not always practical for our busy lives – so plants in power collects information for the reader from multiple sources within the society, and gathers this information here on our site for the enjoyment of our readers. Some of the ‘parent’ groups include: ID Your Tree, Master the Garden, and Making the Cut.

As a contributor – I use a number of quotations and supply alternative references within my articles. I make no apology for doing so – I am not an expert in every subject that I am interested in, so as I study and grow in my field – I pass on the fruits of my research to the reader. My hope is that whether the reader is seeking a resource to advance in the profession or simply has a desire to become a more informed gardener, the contents of Plants in Power Blog will serve as a resource for the journey.

Lori Ann Fowler Sr. Gardener and Horticulturist CPH, EPC, ISA #PN-8812A TRAQ

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