more than just a pretty leaf

the science of fall color The Sun has passed the celestial equator heading southward and in most of the world temperatures are dropping – Autumn Equinox for the Northern Hemisphere. The Autumnal and Spring equinoxes mark the point in the calendar at which the length of night and the length of day are almost exactlyContinue reading “more than just a pretty leaf”

skagit garden almanac : august 2020

part instruction, part aide-memoire, part skagit lore august 18, 2020 “If the first week of August is warm, the winter will be white and long.” Weather Lore Calendar, 2022 Old Farmers Almanac Summer is in full swing – Skagit is in the 80’s and after a scorching weekend that saw triple digits, this feels positivelyContinue reading “skagit garden almanac : august 2020”