more than just a pretty leaf

the science of fall color The Sun has passed the celestial equator heading southward and in most of the world temperatures are dropping – Autumn Equinox for the Northern Hemisphere. The Autumnal and Spring equinoxes mark the point in the calendar at which the length of night and the length of day are almost exactlyContinue reading “more than just a pretty leaf”

making the cut

science based pruning: part 1 – healthy start In the forest no one prunes the plants and trees – so why all the fuss about pruning? I think my library has six ‘How To’ books on pruning, several illustrated guides and one volume, so weighty, that it is used for a door stop in myContinue reading “making the cut”

master the garden

part three botany basics: roots In this third installment of botany basics – roots are discussed. Perhaps the most important system of any plant – is the root system. They absorb nutrients and moisture, anchor the plant or tree to the soil, support the stem or trunk, and store food. In some plants the rootsContinue reading “master the garden”